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Emy recently appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural for the

July 12, 2020 Dr. Francis Myles episode, and also appeared in the April 12, 2020 John Ramirez episode!

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Emy plays Catrin in Thrid Lows Productions' feature film,

Blood Daughter, under the direction of Bryan Enk.  

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Ridiculous Ginger

Written and produced by Emy, Ridiculous Ginger is currently in development, and is your soon to be, new favorite web series! Projected to go live online winter 2021! The innovative series is based on a true story, and serves to enlighten, encourage, and entertain by tackling the subjects of mental health, living to your highest calling despite adversity and embracing the joy in the journey even if the journey is walking 10 miles a day in North Jersey. Ridiculous Ginger is a story of a young woman’s survival, who despite the odds, finds her rhythm and listens to the space in between beats. Stay tuned for updates!